CBMR Annual Sports Meet

World Environment day celebrated on June 5th, 2018

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All CBMR members (associated with CBMR directly or indirectly including their family members) are invited for CBMR Annual Sports meet which will be held during the months of December to February.

The list of sports events for the year 2017 is here:


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Please see the pics of recent such events including picnic here: CBMR_Sports

For Cricket Match Pics: CBMR Cricket Match in Football Ground

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Interested participants may ask the corresponding coordinators of the game to organize the sports events as listed below:

(A) Cricket (Maximum number of teams will be two) Coordinator: Amar Dixit  (Adm. Officer) and Dr. Dinesh Kumar (NMR)


(B) Football (Maximum number of teams will be two) Coordinator: Raj Kumar Sharma (NMR) Pending due to unavailability of football.

Let us Football
Let us Football

(C) Badminton (Unlimited)

Coordinator: Dinesh Kumar (NMR)


(D) Matki Faudna: In this game, a person with his eyes covered with some strip and a stick in his hand is freed from a distance and is asked to hit and break the earthen pot (showed him before covering his eyes). This is one of my most favorite games and will definitely amuse you all as well.

Coordinator: Dinesh Kumar (NMR)

(E) Antakshri 

Coordinator: Dr. Anupam and Prachi (CBMR)

Singing is good for Zinging
Singing is good for Zinging

(F) Science Quiz Competition (Maximum four groups, each group with three players) 

Coordinator: Rahul (Chemistry) quiz

(G) Slow Cycling (Unlimited) 

Coordinator: Rochille (Chemistry) images

(H) Ring Throw Game (Unlimited) 

This is the game generally played by all of us in our village fares to win a gift by throwing ring on it.

Coordinator: Dinesh Kumar ring-throw

(I) Darts Throw Game (Unlimited) Darts is a form of throwing game in which small magnetic/arrow missiles are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall

Coordinator:  Durgesh Dubey Dart-Board-Game_3741874

(I) Carrom Board (Unlimited)

Coordinator: Dr. Bikash and Ajay Verma (NMR) 1-explore-tour6-child12

(J) Cooking Contest (Unlimited) All the contesters were bring their dishes prepared at home and judges will taste the dishes. The final winner will be then supposed to cook that dish in front of the judges to confirm the fact that dish has been prepared by the contester and has not been ordered from the restaurant/hotel.

Coordinator: Dr. Alka Shukla Co-Coordinator: Dr. Anupam cooking

(K) Chess Competition (Unlimited)

Coordinator: Atul Rawat  untitled

(L) Fancy Dress Competition (Exclusively for kids)

Coordinator: Dr. Alka Shukla


(M) LUDO Competition (Unlimited)

Coordinator: Ms. Prachi (Chemistry)